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Garden landscaping is about more than making a garden look good.

Garden landscapes should be designed around how the space is used and the time and effort required to maintain it. This is true for homes, businesses or public spaces.

Landscaping Perth

EarthGreen landscape services cater to individual needs. Decide which service level is right for you:

Level 1

For those who need help getting started with landscaping

We will:

  • Come to your Perth property
  • Discuss and assess your project with you
  • Give you the advice, direction and plan of action you need so you can roll up your sleeves and do it yourself

Our Level 1 service will give you the boost you need to get started.

Level 2

Landscaping Design & Supply

We will:

  • Come to your Perth property
  • Discuss and assess your needs
  • Create a landscape garden design for your space
  • List all the items needed, cost and source these for you

We’ll set you up so you can proceed and build your own landscaped garden.

Level 3

Full build and plant service

Our full build and plant service is exactly that – We will:

  • Come to your Perth property
  • Discuss and assess your needs
  • Design your garden to suit you and your family or business
  • Source all the materials
  • Build and plant your landscape area.

The result will be a beautiful, functional, personal space that you can enjoy and maintain with ease.

Working with our Environment

With Perth’s changing environmental conditions, we aim to conserve water use where possible. EarthGreen promotes and supplies waterwise plants and reticulation systems which can help reduce your water usage and water costs. And with the large variety of waterwise plants available, our smart designs will give you the outstanding result you’re looking for in your landscape area.

Our enviro-friendly solutions include:

  • Water wise plants
  • Water wise reticulation methods
  • Water features and fish ponds
  • Edible gardens
  • Aquaponic systems combining fish care and vegetable growth (did you know that plants thrive on the nitrate rich waste produced by fish?)
  • Compost bins and Worm farms (turning household waste back into nutrient rich fertilizer)

We use organic lawn fertilizers which minimize run off and develop stronger and more drought tolerant root systems.

Call us on 0427 778 240 for more information or to book our quality service.

We guarantee you

  • Top quality service
  • A fair and competitive price
  • Dedicated people committed to finding environmentally friendly solutions

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